11101061_934250673286993_889622336_oAls kleine Einstimmung, kommen die nächsten Tagen ein paar Inverviews, die unsere Medienpartner im Vorfeld mit den teilnehmenden Bands geführt haben.
Heute machen wir weiter mit Interview von VLAD IN TEARS.

Interview with

Kris Vlad (vocals) from Vlad In Tears

Kris Vlad / VLAD IN TEARS: “People shouldn’t be afraid of smiling just because they’re dressed black”. VLAD IN TEARS, Italian/ German Gothic Rock band from Berlin, are going to play DMF 2015. Right before the festival we got to talk to Kris Vlad, band leader and founder, the voice and “heart” of VLAD IN TEARS. It was about making a new video and love their loyal fans deserve, about priceless moments on tours and enjoying beautiful Berlin parks, about the way you can get Vlad addict and something you haven’t do not to see Kris as Evil on earth – there’re just some topics to make you curious… So, here we go…

Reflections of Darkness {RoD]: Kris, as our interview is actually dedicated to DMF let’s start from it… Is it the first DMF you’re gonna play? What do you expect of it, of Munich audience?
Kris: Yes it is, I think it’s gonna be fun, we already have been in Munich for some live shows, I think we will all have lots of fun!

RoD: How do you get ready to play at the festival? Should it be a special setlist or something?
Kris: We will choose the best and the most powerful songs we have of course, so people will enjoy the best of VLAD IN TEARS.

RoD: How do you usually get ready for the show – you personally and you all as a band? Do you have any special traditions, “rituals” right before going on stage?
Kris: I don’t have any special traditions, we warm up, we talk and we get ready to rock, right before to get on stage we hug each other screaming.

Das komplette Interview gibt es auf Reflection of Darkness
Ein russisch Version des Interview gibt es auf
Dank an Daria Tessa and Olga Burlaka von für die Unterstützung!

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