Als kleine Einstimmung, kommen die nächsten Tagen ein paar Inverviews, die unsere Medienpartner im Vorfeld mit den teilnehmenden Bands geführt haben.
Heute machen wir weiter mit Interview von Rabia Sorda.

Interview with

Erk Aicrag from Rabia Sorda

The end of the year is the best time for seeing the results of the year and make new plans. And we are really happy that we got a chance to speak about all that with Erk Aicrag from RABIA SORDA.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Do you think RABIA SORDA is developing well enough? Did you expect it to be so successful?
Erk: When we started with HOCICO we had to prove everyone… well, not prove but we had to show it to everybody. When I started with RABIA SORDA people said: “Ok, it’s a project of the singer of HOCICO, it’s Erk Aicrag, we know him from HOCICO, this will be easy!”. But I showed them it wasn’t. I was trying to do something different. That pissed some people off and made others happy. At the end I say: Just follow your heart! Don’t expect people to like it. I never want to please anybody else but me. That way I feel more honest. Not that HOCICO isn’t honest music. It exists already in its own universe. And RABIA SORDA is still open to whatever. It gives me more freedom. At the moment I like it to be more aggressive, with more guitars. I don’t know what’s next. Yes, I’m having fun and that’s the most important thing. I’m sure and I hope that some people following this project are having fun, too by listening to our new stuff.

Das komplette Interview gibt es auf Reflection of Darkness
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Dank an Daria Tessa von für die Unterstützung!

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