Als kleine Einstimmung, kommen die nächsten Tagen ein paar Inverviews, die unsere Medienpartner im Vorfeld mit den teilnehmenden Bands geführt haben.
Heute starten wir gleich mit HOCICO .

Interview with

Erk Aicrag from Hocico

Winter is coming to an end, less and less time remains before the start of a new festival season. Today we could chat with the singer of HOCICO, one of the headliners of Dark Munich Festival 2015.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: 2014 was a very busy year for HOCICO. You were on tour in the US, Mexico, South America and all over Europe. Can you name one or two special moments?
Erk: Oh, it was a very important year of my life. Things that moved me? I remember playing in Peru two weeks ago. I was very surprised by a humble attitude of the people there, how they were treating us. They saw us like Gods, but I don’t know if I’m right. I felt like I could use this power and tell them to do this or that. No, no (laughs), I felt really good there!

RoD: Are fans in Latin America different from ones in Europe?
Erk: Some yes but not all. What I can tell is that people there are wilder. That love they have for you is very wild. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not (laughs). I like it when people come to greet us at the airport. That’s always cool. I like it, I like it. When we toured the US after five years (we toured there in 2002 and 2009) it was very nice to come back. To see the fans again and to see we’re not dead yet. People are still waiting for us to go on tour there. That’s also a nice experience.

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