Als kleine Einstimmung, kommen die nächsten Tagen ein paar Inverviews, die unsere Medienpartner im Vorfeld mit den teilnehmenden Bands geführt haben.
Heute starten wir gleich mit MUNDTOT.


Interview with

Tino Wagner (vocals, bass) from Mundtot

Obviously I like leaning more about my favourite bands which are not so numerous and MUNDTOT has definitely become one of them thanks to its original style, great sound, meaningful lyrics and impressive vocals. And traditionally I was lucky enough to ask Tino, the lead singer, a few questions about the band, music, future plans and what not. The interview is below, just read and enjoy!

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: And the very first question. What does “mundtot” mean?
Tino: In Germany when someone is made “mundtot” they are not allowed to say what they really want to say. It means that the person can’t say anything about this or that subject anymore.

RoD: Great! It definitely reflects the meaning of your songs. So who influenced you? I mean any musicians, bands, styles.
Tino: Well it’s hard to say because there was a bunch of different genres and different bands. For example on one hand I listen to more electronic stuff like Drum’n’Bass, on the other hand our guitar player listens to stoner rock and metal. Also we all like some big bands, JOY DIVISION or RAMMSTEIN but not everything by the latter, then MARYLIN MANSON, NIRVANA, PLACEBO. So there’s really a big mixture of different bands and styles.

Das komplette Interview gibt es auf Reflection of Darkness
Ein russisch Version des Interview gibt es auf
Dank an Daria Tessa von für die Unterstützung!

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